For the Day:

Kingdom Values

1Nov. XXXI Sunday: All Saints Day- Mt 5:1-12

Context and Theme

Jesus the Son of God teaches the way to become God’s children and enter into His Kingdom (4:12- 11:1). The first half of this part is the oral teaching of Jesus – the sermon on the mount (5:1-7; 28). Jesus begins His teaching (5:1-2) proclaiming the beatitudes – the blessedness of the gospel (5:2-12). What is the greatest fortune? That is the theme of this Sunday. The greatest boon is that of being the children of God (5:9); it is that of seeing God (5:8). In other words, blessedness consists in being comforted by God (5: 4), being satiated by God (5:6), of receiving mercy from God (5:7). If so, what must you do to become a child of God and inherit the Kingdom? It is dictated by the first clause of each of the beatitudes.


1. Jesus heals many who are ailing from various diseases (4:24). After that He teaches the crowd (5:2). It is natural to ask Jesus for healing or health and receive it. You also need to learn to listen and learn from Him. Only then will you become His disciple. Call upon Him in your need and do not forget to sit at His feet regularly to learn His lessons.

2. Jesus calls blessed those who are poor, those who weep and those who are persecuted. You have to remain close to Jesus in order to find inner joy and peace of mind in your moments of sorrow and distress. This is because He alone is capable of helping you out in your utter poverty and excruciating pain. Don’t ever forget: You are never alone even in the most trying and painful moments of your life.

3. They have persecuted the prophets who were before you (5:12). Look at their great example, in order to be able to withstand unjust persecutions and scorn. They can inspire in you hope and enthusiasm. Therefore keep alive in you the memory of the noble example left by the prophets and saints.

Dr. Jacob Naluparayil