For the Day:

The Peanuts

An innocent tribute
to a beloved classic

Genre: Animation, Kids & Family
Direction: Steve Martino
Script: Brian Schulz, Cornelius Uliano,
Craig Schulz, Charles M. Schulz
Runtime: 92 min.
Release: 2015

The Peanuts Movie” is the filmy version of the comic strip drawn by Charles Schulz.

The movie opens with black circles being drawn on a white screen. Gradually, they come alive, colour is added, and you realize what you are watching are animated snowflakes falling.

Ninety-three minutes later – after an adventure that has taken us from winter to summer, from despair to hope, from failure to friendship and even to something approaching young love – the colour again fades to black and white and the last movement on the screen is a signature, as one familiar name is signed at the bottom right hand corner: “Schulz.”

This wonderful little movie is a sweetly nostalgic tribute to the art – and heart – of Charles Schulz, who drew the first “Peanuts” strip 65 years ago. “The Peanuts Movie” was produced by his son and grandson, who also co-authored the screenplay with Cornelius Uliano.

We are familiar with Charlie Brown and Snoopy and all the gang created by Schulz. The movie captures the innocence, the frustration, the joy, the melancholy and the singular vision of the Schulz strip beautifully.

It is done with taste and care. The story line goes like this: there is a new girl at school that Charlie Brown is gushing over. He does not have the guts to speak to her. But he uses all his genius to get her attention. Side plots include a 3D look into what snoopy has been fighting all these years and Charlie Brown trying to win a talent show to impress this new mystery girl. It is beautiful to see how the old school two dimensional style animations are mixed with the new 3D school.

The movie is sure to put a smile on your face no matter when you watch it. It is the children’s feel-good film of the year. It is an extremely fun family film with great laughs, a heart-warming story for kids, and great messages throughout. This film may borrow a lot of elements from the past, but it is still great, a pleasure to watch!
The characters discuss big, weighty topics like feelings of inadequacy, fitting in, being nervous, falling in love, and generally feeling like someone who’s not comfortable in their own skin. Charlie Brown is all of that and is all of us, and we all wish we had a friend like Snoopy to have our back.